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  Bruins are the only team that managed to claim the first place twice in a row in the 2012 and the 2013 competitions. Our long list of achievements would not have been possible without the apt support of the faculty and more importantly the strenuous hardwork and determination of our seismic team.

For more information on the Seismic Design team, click here.

This PDF file contains more information about our 2014 model, Arvensis. Courtesy of Joy Guey.

The following video is a time-lapse from the 2014-2015 structure.

  The Seismic Design Competition is an international competition hosted annually by the EERI Student Leadership Council. The teams compete for the highest revenue as determined by cost performance, oral presentation, poster, workmanship and architectural design. The competing teams must build a scaled balsa-wood model to analyze its seismic performance. At the competition, the models will be tested for their seismic stability on a shaketable that stimulates different ground motions as experienced during earthquakes. Last year, at the 2013 competition, only 10 structures survived all three ground motions: 1940 El Centro, 1994 Northridge, and GM3 (Davis), among which the Bruins conquered the stage in most aspects and defeated rivals such as the Oregon State Beavers and the USC Trojans.

Project Manager:

Eric Roberts
        eroberts22[at] and

Assistant Project Manager:

Justine Gee