EERI Student Chapter at
University of California - Los Angeles

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* May you have any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach us at uclaeeri[at]

Officer Board

Faculty Advisor

Jian Zhang
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Email: zhangj[at]

Yazhou Xie, Ph.D.
Email: xieyazhou[at]
Vice President

Soheil Kashani, 3rd Year Undergrad.
Email: soheilka[at]

Yi Tyan Tsai, Ph.D.
Email: tsaiyityan[at]
2014-2015 Officer Board

How to join...

The following has been taken from the Memerbship section of the EERI website.
*Please note that in the membership form you would have to select "Student Membership", which only costs $25.00

To join EERI today, visit our online membership form.

Click here for details on each membership level.

(Please Note: Memberships other than student run the calendar year)

Questions regarding membership in EERI should be directed to Juliane Lane at: juliane[at]

Members of EERI are entitled to become EERI Associates of SSA for $65 annual dues. They receive Seismological Research Letters and member discounts for annual meetings, seminars, and publications. They are included in the SSA membership roster (published in SRL) and have access to the searchable online membership roster on the SSA Web site. EERI members seeking full benefits of SSA membership, including voting privileges and BSSA, should retain their current SSA membership or seek to join the Society as a regular member. Dues for EERI associate membership with SSA should be included with payments for EERI dues.

Subscribing Membership

Five levels of Subscribing Membership are available over and above basic Subscribing Membership are available. Dues are:

Diamond = $25,000
Platinum = $15,000
Gold = $10,000
Silver = $5,000
Bronze = $3,000

Each level includes the Bronze level Subscribing Membership dues of $3,000, which will be allocated to the General Fund. For the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, funds over and above the basic annual dues will be allocated to whatever programs designated by the donor or they will go into the unrestricted Endowment Fund. Each year the Board will designate the dues for Subscribing members at each level.